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Everyone knows who Abu Akleh’s murderer is

Media professionals: Everyone knows who Abu Akleh’s murderer is, as her assassination will not obscure the truth


Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ), in cooperation with Zain Company, organized a memorization session of Shireen Abu Akleh, two days ago at the Royal Cultural Center. The session was attended by a large number of politicians, media professionals, parliamentarians, and partisans.

During the session, media professionals have unanimously confirmed that since the assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh, everyone knew who the murderer and the planner is, and who commanded it. Media professionals affirmed that her murder will certainly not obscure the truth, and added that the city of Jerusalem has not witnessed a funeral like Shireen’s, except for Palestinian leaders, Abdulqader Al-Hussieni and Izz Aldeen Al-Qassam.

Both Al Jazeera reporters in Ramallah, Guevara Al-Budeiri, and in Jerusalem, Najwan Simri, former Member of Parliament Dima Tahboub, Program Director at Al-Haq Organization in Palestine Tahseen Elayyan, and Journalist Jihad Abu Baydar participated in the session that took place 50 days after the murder of Abu Akleh.

The Founder of CDFJ, Nidal Mansour, expressed that the assassination of Abu Akleh will certainly not hide the truth, “we know the perpetrators, we know them even before Abu Akleh was murdered, we know them when they murdered the writer Ghassan Kanafani.” Mansour added.

Mansour, who moderated the session, quoted Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Daraghmeh’s lamentation for Shireen: “your murder was a battle of confrontation, like battels of Bab Al-Amoud, Al-Haram Al-Sharif gates, the Western Wall, Bab Al-Rahmah, and Al-Marwani Mosque.”

In her turn, Al-Budeiri indicated the impact of the death of Abu Akleh on Palestinians and said: “I received two calls from the most important Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons, one of whom has been in captivity for 42 years, and burst into tears for Shireen.”

Al-Budeiri added that the Palestinian flag was raised during Shireen’s funeral against the will of the occupation, noting that Abu Akleh was like her “teacher”, as she trained her on the journalistic profession.

Al-Budeiri pointed out that during Shireen’s funeral, the church bells of all Christian denominations in Jerusalem rang for 3 hours and 45 minutes straight. This was exclusively witnessed only for the two Palestinian leaders, Abedalqader Al-Husseini, and Izz Aldeen AlQassam.

“Shireen was the most outstanding person in my life, she was humble and we had plans together. When I came from the north of Palestine to Jerusalem, she was a refuge for me.” Journalist Najwan Al-Simri expressed.

With tears of loss, Al-Simri added that from the first moment, everyone knew who the murderer was, and that those who planned and who gave the order, and who fired the shots were them.

Tahseen Elayyan, the Program Director at Al-Haq Palestinian Organization spoke about the latest developments in the reports that were submitted to the International Criminal Court, he then clarified that the action of the court requires a thorough and constant monitoring, because the mechanism of court’s work flow doesn’t rely on investigating a single case, but a group case.

According to the evidences collected since the murder took place, Elayyan confirmed that Shireen was murdered by a direct head shot performed by a professional sniper while presenting a map of the location where Shireen was murdered. 

The Program Director further revealed that Al-Haq organization is preparing a photographed video using Forensic Engineering Technology. In details, the video will depict the manner of the assassination while Abu Akleh was covering the occupation force’s break-in Jenin camp in May 11th.

“What can be concluded is that Palestine and the settlement are not in the priority of the government’s work this year, and there are releases that say there are no resources to open an investigation. On the other hand, the war in Ukraine recorded war crimes since the first week of the war, which reflects the double international standards.” Elayyan said.

Dima Tahboub, the former Member of Parliament, considered that Abu Akleh was martyred for “Palestine, not for the two states solution, she was martyred for Jerusalem not for the Eastern or Western Jerusalem.” Tahboub added that she was pessimistic because of her personal experience with her husband’s murdering, but she is optimistic for Shireen. It is worth mentioning that Tahboub is the wife of Al Jazeera reporter who was martyred in Baghdad when an American grenade targeted the channel offices.

In his turn, Journalist Jihad Abu Baydar, recalled the feats of Abu Akleh who was a colleague of his in the Press and Media Department at Al-Yarmouk University. Furthermore, Abu Baydar clarified that journalists’ generation of Abu Akleh, was a golden generation that has left a mark in the march of journalism at advanced stages.

CDFJ displayed a video that was specifically made about Abu Akleh’s working march, in addition to a special report prepared by AJ+ platform. The report portrayed the relationship of Abu Akleh with pets, especially with her dog “Filfil” that is still waiting for her return.

CDFJ also designed a mural titled “Coverage Continues” for the martyred Shireen Abu Akleh, and placed it on the hall entrance. Copies of the mural were sent to her family, and to Al Jazeera Network in Qatar.

At the end of the memorial service, CDFJ honored the speakers, Al Jazeera and Zain Company for supporting national issues with Shireen Abu Akleh shield.    

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