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Strategic objective two: Enhancing the professional capabilities of the media and journalists, and working to empower the media and civil society organizations to contribute to strengthening the human rights system and achieving sustainable development goals.

Through this pillar, CDFJ seeks to build and develop the professional capabilities of media professionals, social media activists, and defenders of freedom of expression in the Arab world, enabling them to access information, enhance their digital security, and their rights on the Internet. This pillar includes the implementation of programs, projects and activities that will contribute to:

  • Developing the professional skills of journalists.
  • Supporting and encouraging media specialization.
  • Supporting the media for development.
  • Developing the capabilities of media professionals in using modern technology tools.
  • Protecting the privacy of journalists, human rights defenders and social media influencers and their work on the Internet through training on safe and anti-censorship communication techniques.
  • Enhancing the digital safety of journalists, media outlets, human rights defenders and social media influencers through capacity building exercises related to protecting their rights online and in the digital space.
  • Empowering the practical and professional capabilities of students of journalism and media.
  • Supporting independent media to provide professional content.
  • Enabling media professionals to access information and decision makers.
  • Enhancing opportunities for dialogue and joint action between Arab and foreign media professionals and media exchange programs.
  • Developing the awareness of media professionals and social media influencers of the human rights system and building their capacities to write and produce in the field of human rights and sustainable development.
  • Involving media professionals, human rights defenders and social media influencers in advocating for gender mainstreaming and gender equality issues.
  • Building the capacities of civil society organizations on digital security, and on the use of secure and anti-censorship communication techniques.