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Improving the Media Environment

The Goals of this Pillar include

  • Urging governments to adopt more open policies towards free media, and working with parliament to review and ratify alternative laws that protect media freedom and conform to international standards.
  • Strengthening communication between the media, parliament, the judiciary, civil society, and other sectors of society to create a better atmosphere for media freedom.
  • Involving the youth in efforts to protect freedom of expression and free media.
  • Integrating freedom of expression and freedom of media principles in the educational system.
  • Strengthening the role of activists and celebrities in defending freedom of the media.
  • Strengthening the partnership between the media and civil society in defending freedom and human rights.

This Pillar includes the following programs and projects

  • The Parliamentary Media Forum.
  • The Freedom Messengers Program.
  • Empowering Media Skills of Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Newspaper in Education Program (NIE)