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Media Freedom Status in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine

This project, which was implemented in partnership with Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) between October 2021 and May 2022, aimed to address and analyze the status of media freedom and freedom of expression for journalists and media organizations in 5 main MENA countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine.

The project monitored and documented main violations that were committed against media organizations and journalists in the five mentioned countries. The project gave special attention to challenges that media outlets and journalists are facing on their right to freedom of expression during and in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, restrictions imposed on freedom of media and freedom of expression by government practices and policies, the level of safety and personal security of journalists and protection of media outlets, their right to access, transfer and exchange of information, attacks against them which aim to undermine their independence or silence their voices, their right to access global internet, censorship and restrictions imposed on media content, and journalists human rights online. The project will be also addressing the general context and the legislative environment in each country in order to understand whether national legislations related to freedom of media and expression in those 5 countries are combatable with international obligations that states are committed to.

A detailed report documenting the status of media freedoms in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunis and Palestine was published as a result of this project. The report can be accessed on:


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