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Motivation for Change

Strategic objective four: Employing the expertise of the Center to be a catalyst for change through networking and partnership with civil society organizations and active stakeholders, and supporting them in integrating the media in their programs and projects.

Through this pillar, CDFJ seeks to employ its long experience in the field of media and human rights in order to strengthen partnerships and networking with civil society organizations in the Arab world, and to support active institutions, partners and stakeholders in integrating media in their various work methodologies. Through this pillar, the Center also aims to strengthen work on international human rights mechanisms and implement sustainable development goals in partnership with civil society organizations, national institutions, governments and international organizations. This pillar includes the implementation of programs, projects and activities that will contribute to:

  • Providing assistance to civil society organizations and active stakeholders to integrate the media into their programs and projects, through the development of their media strategies, and strategies for promoting evidence-based advocacy through social media platforms.
  • Networking with civil society organizations and building their capacities to use international human rights mechanisms.
  • Developing the capacities of civil society organizations to monitor and document human rights violations.
  • Supporting coalitions and networks that promote and protect human rights and contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Producing reports and studies that monitor the human rights situation, and states’ obligations to international human rights mechanisms.