Strategic objective three: Advocating for the promotion and development of the legislative, political, practical, social and cultural environment that incubates freedom of expression, media freedom and civic space.

Through this pillar, the Center seeks to provide a supportive environment for freedom of expression and media in the Arab world, by putting pressure on decision-makers and legislators to adopt policies and legislation that are in line with the standards of freedom of expression and media, and allying with defenders through membership in local, regional and international networks and alliances, in order to improve the civic space for journalistic work and freedom of expression. This pillar includes the implementation of programs, projects and activities that will contribute to:

  • Producing reports that monitor and document the state of freedom of expression and the media in the Arab world.
  • Analyzing the legislative and legal environments related to the right to access the Internet, human rights on the Internet, and combating Internet censorship.
  • Developing studies and research papers on the best technological practices and the current situation to combat censorship on the Internet, and improving approaches to combating censorship and secure communication.
  • Urging governments to adopt more open policies towards freedom of the press and working with parliaments to review the adoption of legislation that protects freedom of expression and the media and to be consistent with international standards.
  • Strengthening communication between the media, parliamentarians, judges, civil society organizations and various societal sectors to create a better climate for freedom of expression and the media.
  • Involving youth and women in efforts to defend freedom of expression and the media.
  • Strengthening the role of community activists and creators in defending freedom of expression and the media.
  • Integrating the concepts of freedom of expression and the media into educational curricula.
  • Building networks and alliances that enhance freedom of expression and media at the regional level.
  • Organizing advocacy campaigns to gain support at the national and regional levels to support Internet freedom, confront content censorship, and confront media misinformation.