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Protect freedom of expression and media, provide journalists with legal aid and monitor violations they are exposed to.


Build professional capabilities of media professionals and freedom of expression defenders, and enhance their digital security.


Enabling a supportive environment for freedom of expression and media, and improve the civic space for journalistic work and freedom of expression.

Motivation for Change

Strengthen partnerships with CSOs on international human rights mechanisms and assist them to integrate media in their work.

Jordan Media Freedom Index 2021

Jordan Media Freedom Index 2021
For the second year in a row, the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists is working on the Media Freedom Index in Jordan. Without equivocation, the Index shows that media freedom is restricted. In light of the Corona pandemic, which has continued since 2020, for the second year in a row, the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists is working on the achievement of the Media Freedom Index in Jordan, and without equivocation, the index shows that media freedom is restricted. “The media is shackled,” the abbreviation of the statement reached by the Media Freedom Index for 2021

Executive summary in English

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The State of Media Freedoms in the Arab World in 2021:
This report is issued after almost ten years of the “Arab Spring”, which began in December 2010, and whose slogans were “live, freedom, human dignity, social justice”, and if an intellectual like Noah Feldman has written in his important book entitled “The Arab Winter”, which was published in 2020, “continued dictatorship is the most probable result”, what we see here is that the people of this region still need a long time until they can smell the breeze of freedom. However, this does not negate that the fight for democracy, human rights and freedom will continue, and the media will continue to resist, threatened, a description of the reality of its current state. ​

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Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Recommendations

The report documented the efforts of civil society organizations to reach a state of partnership and cooperation with official institutions, in dealing with international mechanisms, following up on Jordan’s commitments, and the status of implementation of recommendations accepted by it. January 2019, to establish a national mechanism in which the government and civil society institutions participate, during which lessons learned from previous experiences of national consultations between the government, civil society and other institutions will be learned, in addition to the preparation of an assessment report by the Monitoring Center on the implementation of the comprehensive national plan for human rights.​​

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Current Projects

Strengthening Reporting and Advocacy Capacities of Jordanian CSOs and National Institution: Preparation towards the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) 2024

Creating and Building Youth Media Forums to Promote Coexistence and Peace Building in Iraq

Media Freedom Status in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine

Follow up on Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Recommendations 2018

National Endowment for Democracy

National Endowment for Democracy

Digital Media Arts for an inclusive public Sphere

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