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Strategic objective one: Defending freedoms, providing support and protection to media outlets, journalists and human rights defenders, and ensuring their right to freedom of expression and free access to information.

Through this pillar, CDFJ seeks to implement programs and projects to build mechanisms to protect freedom of expression and media in the Arab world, including strengthening the legal and legislative culture of journalists, human rights defenders, social media activists and influencers, and providing them with legal aid, and monitor the violations they are exposed to. This pillar includes the implementation of programs, projects and activities that will contribute to:

  • Developing the legal culture of media professionals, human rights defenders and social media influencers, and developing their capacities to deal with legislation restricting freedom of expression and media.
  • Developing the capabilities of lawyers and lawyers specialized in defending freedom of expression and the media.
  • Providing legal assistance and support to media professionals, media institutions, and defenders of freedom of opinion and of expression.
  • Drafting proposals for legislation regulating freedom of expression and the media, and legislation that impose restrictions on freedom of expression.
  • Strengthening the principle of the rule of law and fair trials in cases of freedom of expression and the media.
  • Developing the capacities of judges in the field of freedom of expression and the media.
  • Strengthening the role of the judiciary in protecting freedom of expression and the media.
  • Reducing violations against journalists and human rights defenders in the public and private spheres.
  • Hold the perpetrators of violations against freedom of expression and the media accountable through local and international legal mechanisms.